COLIN DUNNE... a leading figure in the world of traditional Irish dance. From an early age, Colin was influenced by tap dance which contributed to his complex rhythm within the structures of traditional Irish music. During his dancing career, he has shifted to contemporary dance and theatre and in 2002, he completed an MA in contemporary dance at the University of Limerick.

Colin is internationally best known for his dancing performance and choreographic art in shows Riverdance and Dancing on Dangerous Ground. In 2008, Colin premiered with his first full-length solo production Out of Time, a show that presented contemporary perspective of the art form.

Besides being an extremely talented dancer and choreographer, Colin is also an excellent dancing teacher who has taught numerous dancing workshops worldwide. Interested dancers had the opportunity to meet Colin and attend his Masterclasses in May 2015 when he was in the Czech Republic for the first time and again in March 2016. His workshops were a great success and we are happy and honored to welcome Colin in Prague in 2017!

More about Coiln at: Colin Dunne Official Website

Irský Máj, Colin Dunne Masterclasses

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